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Some Cancer natives can also contemplate a job change in the duration of this transit. Moving on to your social front, the sweetness in your speech will attract others towards you, and you can also come into contact with some reputed and well-known personalities of the society. Any legal cases that you have been fighting may get verdicted in your favor during this time period. As for your economic aspect, there may be an increase in your expenses but they will not affect you much. Natives born under the influence of the crab, who are in love should get a gift for their beloved, during this transit.

Married natives can also plan to go for a vacation with their spouses. The planet Mercury is transiting through the fifth house or the house of progeny, in your zodiac sign, Leo. This house helps to determine about the knowledge and children of the native. This transit period brings a certain brilliance to your intellect and you will show an inclination towards learning new subjects. If you are associated with any field of art, then your creativity will attract others towards you.

You will enjoy discussing and debating on spiritual topics with others in the duration of this transit. Coming to your married life, you may get into an argument with your spouse, but once your anger cools down, you will quickly win over your partner yet again. This is a favorable duration for student natives and you will be able to concentrate better in your studies. You will also have the complete support of your mentors and teachers. Students, who are studying topics related to mathematics will attain special gains due to this transit.

However, you need to be slightly careful of your health. Allergies due to dust and polluted air are probable for Leo natives. Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu. The transitory motion of Mercury will activate the fourth house of Virgo natives. You will obtain the benefits of your hard work done in the past, in the form of favorable results. There are good possibilities of receiving good news in various sectors of life due to this transit.

You will become busier in your family life due to the arrival of guests at home. On the other hand, some Virgo natives may even make plans of buying a new home. Disputes between you and your spouse is possible and they may even become upset with you. However, as long as you remain calm, you will be successful in resolving the problems of your life. Working professionals should not leave their tasks until tomorrow, especially during this transit period. Utilizing and managing your time well, helps one to move ahead in life, therefore, you should complete your tasks today itself.

Healthwise, this time will bring some good changes for you.

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Those natives who have been suffering from some illness since long, may finally get rid of it. The transit of Mercury will be taking place in your third house , also called the House of Courage and Valor. Libra natives may have to face certain challenges in life, during this transitory motion, and any wrong decision you undertake in this duration can become the reason of your familial relations falling apart. In order to keep your household together, you need to accept your mistakes in front of everyone.

Some of your opponents can even scheme against you, but you will be able to overcome all situations smartly. If you wish to gain good results at work during this time, then you will need to give up the bad habit of being lazy. More importantly, you need to remember that even God only helps those who help themselves. If you do not help yourself then no one else will be able to provide assistance to you. You can share your woes and problems in life, with a friend or relative, while a short-distance trip may also refresh your mind and soul. Healthwise, there may not be any physical problems for you, but mentally you will remain stressed.

Your body should remain active, in order to remain fit and fine. The second house of Scorpio natives will host this Mercury transit, which will eliminate many of your problems while offering you desired results. On an economic level, you will be successful in accumulating wealth, and there are also great possibilities of profits for you, through ancestral properties. Your communication skills and way of speaking will be influential as well in this duration. If you think that your words are not being heeded, then you need to learn to stay quiet in such a situation. Your working style will give a new identity at your workplace and in the eyes of the society.

However, you need to take proper care of your health too, during this time. Skin related diseases can trouble you, therefore, you need to especially take cleanliness into account.

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Ensure that your surroundings are clean and do not invite infections and other such issues. The student natives born under the influence of the scorpion have great chances of getting good results in their studies. Those student natives who are preparing for competitive exams should study according to a time table. Moreover, you can take the aid of yoga and meditation for better concentration and should take a balanced diet as well. The Mercury transit is taking placed in your own sign which means that Lord Buddha will take up residence in your first i. Sagittarius natives associated with business need to remain on the guard because your opponents can reveal a secret of yours which may result in financial loss as well.

The natives of this sign can face economical problems in their familial life as well, and some of you may even borrow some money from your friends or relatives. Coming to your marital life, things will remain normal and though arguments may occur between you and your spouse over certain topics, but with your soft and sweet behaviour, you will be able to bring back the harmony in your relationship.

Any rudeness or roughness in your speech can create problems in your workplace at this time. This is why, you are advised to remain polite with your colleagues. Some ladies of this sign can cook the favorite dishes of their respective husbands to appease them. Due to this Mercury transit, the twelfth house of Capricorn natives will remain activated.

As a result of the same, you need to remain careful because it can negatively affect your health. You can take assistance of yoga to remain fit, as well as include fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Certain problems can become a part of your marital life and their cause will be your stubborn nature. Due to this, you can even pressurize your spouse to agree to your demands. Your economic aspect will remain normal but certain unwanted expenses can trouble you every now and then.

On the other hand, those natives who have been dreaming of going abroad can finally witness the fulfillment of their dreams. Some Capricorn natives may also have to go on a work related long distance trip. Spending time with your kith and kin will be good for you, during this transit period. Time spent with your relatives will help you gain some mental peace, and you will also be able to get out of any tangles and snafus. Student natives may get a chance to go on a school trip during this time, while some Capricorn natives may read books and novels by great authors to increase their knowledge.

There are chances of good results for Aquarius natives because the transit of Mercury will take place in your eleventh house , or your House of Income and Gains. First and foremost, beginning with your economic aspect, this transitory motion will resolve many of your financial problems, and you will be successful in repaying your old debts.

Happiness will prevail in your family life as well and you will spend some blissful moments with your spouse and children. Moving on to your social life, your activeness will increase socially and this time can also expand your friend circle. You may even plan to go on a vacation with your friends. Your sharp and brilliant mind will help you gain profits in numerous aspects of life.

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If you have a feeling that you are not obtaining the desired results of your tasks then you need to review them again. Aquarius natives in love may get a present for their beloved to make them happy.

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Some of them can even propose to their lover, for their hand in marriage, during this time period. The transit of Mercury in your tenth house or your House of Career or Profession will bring an increment in the self-confidence of Pisces natives. You will be successful in defeating your opponents with the help of your logical abilities.

During this time period, your enemies will be afraid of even facing you. You will be able to complete your pending tasks and while your family life will remain normal, but you will receive good results in your marital life. You will grow closer to your spouse and spend some romantic moments with them. You may also spend some of your monetary resources on clothes. Moreover, you will finally reap the profits of the hard work you did, to improve your career and give it a boost.

The situation of student natives will also improve and you will be able to explain even the hardest subjects to your classmates. However, you need to take proper care of your health too, alongside your studies. Socially, you can become the centre of attraction on showcasing your talents in front of others. On the other hand, some Pisces natives can also choose to transform their talents into their career.

Rashifal Kundli Horoscope Rashifal Calendar Remember Me. Sign In. This is an auspicious placement for the entire year. Financial position will be sound. Jupiter will transit in your fifth house. Some auspicious ceremony may take place take at your home. You will feel enlightened and will be inclined to earn more knowledge This placement would bestow some good results.

There should be an improvement in the ability to fight back with adverse situations Seventh house in the horoscope is considered for various marriage aspects like delay in marriage, timing of marriage, compatibly, success of married life and so on. For this other aspects should also be examined e. Navmansha chart and Major and Sub-period These are the general predictions based upon Moon Sign and transit of other planets in January Mars will transit in Capricorn till 3rd January Natural benefic planets cannot be considered benefic for all the ascendants. In Indian Astrology, the benefic or malefic result of planets has been categorized according to the Ascendant.

As Such, Jupiter, Moon and Venus which are considered natural benefic planets can play role Aries Ascendant is governed by Mars. Nature of such native will resemble the qualities of Mars. Impatient, straight-spoken and quick in nature, he believes in direct actions. He will get angry soon but at the same time his anger will last no longer From 2nd November , Saturn is transiting in the next house Scorpio. Moon sign born Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius born will face worst result of this transit.

Moon Sign born Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn will have good results of this transit. Ketu, if placed favorably in horoscope, brings a lot of luxury, wisdom. If unfavorable, he causes unnecessary depression, poor concentration, boundless worries, anxiety and ghost related problems. Here are the general predictions of Ketu in different houses of a chart Rahu is a powerful and malefic planet. This is a favorable planet of the politicians. He gives them great opportunity and power to rise in the politics through any means fair or unfair.

Ketu is known as a planet for salvation. It behaves like Mars. Ketu indicates spiritual power in a person. If exalted in the chart, one can get salvation and may get himself free from the cycle Hessonite Gomed ensures relief from the malefic effect from Rahu. It clears the confusion in mind and gives stability in life and enhances positive energy of Rahu. If Rahu is weak by placement in the chart Exalted Jupiter in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house of a chart are like an asset to the native which bestows everything in life including wisdom, health and all round prosperity According to Indian Astrology, Mars plays very important role in one's marriage.

If Mars is placed in 1st 4th 7th 8th or 12th house of a horoscope, the native is said to have Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha Moon placed in Scorpio. He suffers from water related diseases and always complains of cough and catarrh Weak Mercury causes difference of opinions between husband and wife and brings stiffness in the relationship which may result in divorce.

Exalted Mercury will make its native a successful businessman Saturn is the lord of two auspicious houses namely 4th house and 5th house representing Capricorn and Aquarius Signs. Therefore, Saturn is considered the most auspicious and give desired benefic results Ketu is planets known for spirituality. The person influenced by the planet is gifted with spiritual achievements.

His other interests also show his bent towards religious and secret awareness including supernatural powers The general purpose of Maa Katyaani Pooja is to pray the Goddess for the early or timely marriage of an individual mostly girl. Even the boy who is facing such problems is suggested to perform this puja Mars, Saturn, Sun, Dragon's Head Rahu and Dragon's Tail Ketu have adverse effect on marriage if these planets are associated with seventh house or its lord. Particularly, Mars has very destructive role Do not afraid. Depression is part of our life.

Face it and adopt these simple TEN steps to minimize the biting effect of depression Subtle energies are unseen forces which can fulfill the life of an individual with immense energy to bring upon overall improvement in the life. Subtle energy may be described as vibrating energy stored in various layers of our body Saturn is considered a malefic planet in Astrology.

But when placed in beneficial sign and house, he bestows a person with great wealth and fame Rudraksha bestows the wearer with overall health, wealth, prosperity and worldly pleasures and yet it keeps him unattached with this materialistic approach. It is observed that Rudraksha controls the various chakras in the body Those who are in the field of surgery, medicines, marketing, technical, computer, electricity, fire- works manufacturing, engineering etc.

Ascendant and Ascendant lord both play important role to know the way of thinking and entire individuality of a person. Apart from Manglik and other factors for match making, this fact should also kept in mind Career is one of the most important aspects of an individual. Astrology not only emphasises the inclination of an individual towards a particular field but it also helps in finding out the suitable sector of career This yoga is considered auspicious giving prosperity Apart from nine planets, all the twelve different houses in a horoscope represent human body parts and diseases related to them Gem Stones are considered a powerful tool in Astrology to give power to the weak planets which otherwise are beneficial in the horoscopes.

Each planet has Gem Stone of its own according to colour and the capacity of the gem First house indicates mind, personality and face, second house voice, third house arms and chest, fourth house heart etc and so on. Bad effect of malefic planets on these houses may create health problems Emerald is extremely beneficial for the students of Law and Commerce.

Children with weak memory can also be benefitted by this gem. Emerald should be worn by businessmen, traders, accountants As per Indian Astrology texts, if Bhakoota is auspicious, it ensures successful marriage.

Gunas are matched on the basis of Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is 7th in the Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is directly related to the mental plane of husband and wife This bead is also recommended to those who are unmarried and seeking suitable soul mate for happy married life. It is believed that this bead also helps in progeny Venus is the planet well known for love, romance, sex, beauty, music, dance and recreations sources.

This is also known as Morning Star and can be easily recognized when seen in the north direction early in the morning Sun represent father, moon mother, Mars and Mercury younger brother and sisters and Jupiter elder brother. Family members are like pillars that support a child and other members in building his career Weak Sun in a chart denotes many health problems including diseases related to bones, blood pressure, various heart problems, rheumatic pains, lack of confidence, unstable mind and weak eyesight etc.

Wearing Ruby can help in curing these diseases Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs Favorable placement of Sun in a horoscope brings fame and power to a person in all areas including the field of occupation. It has power to grant great political power. Adverse placement can make a person arrogant Mercury is dual natured planet and governs two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo.

Body parts that are ruled by Mercury are the arms, ear, lungs and nervous system In the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter is the signficator Karak of his husband and happy married life. If posited in favorable position, it ensures happy relations in married life As such three Moon Signs are involved in formation of Sade-Sati Misunderstanding and clash with spouse is seen particularly during first half of the month You will feel satisfied with the atmosphere at your workplace.

But businessmen may feel lack of communication with their business partners Period of Sadhe Sati is not good for health and financial matters. You should start performing the remedies of Saturn Some senior authority at workplace may not be happy with you. You may even think of changing the job but second half of the month will give some relief This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Taurus, Libra and Capricornas their Moon sign Moon sign born with Aquarius, Cancer and Libra will find this transit most auspicious.

Failures and obstructions in life may raise stress level causing insomnia. You are running period of Kantak Shani. Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn You need to control your aggressive attitude which may cause problems around you. Handle any unpleasant situation with cool mind or try to move away Seniors may remain unresponsive. Over-enthusiasm at workplace may attract problems.

Purchase of immovable assets should be postponed. Financial position may be wavering Married life relations will be amicable but rash approach should be avoided while dealing with family members. Over confidence should be avoided to keep the relations smooth whether at home front or at workplace You will get the support of your family members and relations with them will be cordial. Relations with the spouse will be pleasant most of the time and you will enjoy the company of your spouse.

This is the time to enjoy party time with family members Second half of the month is not good for professional life. Avoid taking excessive or unnecessary part in official activities.

Health will be generally good except some head ache or eyes problems This period may prove to rewarding. Your creative approach will bring positive results this month. This is the month when some of you may have some inventive idea in your mind to make your financial position sound Financial position will start improving. As such this month will give only average to good results for those who are born with Gemini as their Moon Sign Your harsh speech may be responsible for problems around you. It appears you will be able to control the situation.

Advice of some elders or Guru will be of great help Jupiter, Mercury and Venus transit is favorable. Sun transit is positive during second half of the month. Mars and Saturn transit are adverse Hard work and efforts made in the past may bring rewarding results during this transit. This transit will keep you full of energy and enthusiasm. Avoid being overconfident Strength and placement of Mars in the chart of an individual should also be considered while going through these predictions Conjugal life will also be satisfactory.

You may enjoy the time with your friend circle. In spite of disharmony in relations, you may spare and enjoy time with your spouse and family members. Second half of the month will be more favorable Do not impose your ideas on others. Your entire concentration will be towards increasing the sources of income. You may remain irritate and at the same time you need to control your temperament Relations with the spouse may show some differences during first half of the month.

Others members of the family will be supportive Mars denotes strong powerful desires and emotions including intimate physical cravings. Shri Vinayaka Astrology presents transit results of Mars during this period Sun, Jupiter and Mars are supposed to be friendly with Moon.


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Followings are the results of Moon in different houses of the chart. Strength, aspect, degree, exaltation and debilitation of Moon should also be considered Saturn will start giving positive results. You will be more devoted towards work this month. Do not overlook the interests of family members and treat them with patience Shri Vinayaka Astrology presents transit results of Mars during this period. This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius as their Moon sign Spouse will be cooperative and cordial.

This is also the most favorable time for those who are looking for an alliance. Lovers can also turn their love relations in marriage Saturn and Jupiter are giving good results in so far as your professional life is concerned. These positions also indicate in flow of money and comparatively a good financial position too Mars transit in third house after mid of the month will also give good results. Those who are born with Virgo as their Moon Sign may find this month to give some constructive results Like past month i.

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You are likely to get higher position, appreciation or promotion at your work place but with obstructions as Rahu has joined your Jupiter You are likely to get higher position, appreciation or promotion at your work place. This is also best time to get married Hard work done in the past will give fruitful results. You will get support of your seniors and colleagues.

You may also plan for some vacation with family for enjoyment Venus transit is good and favorable. You will enjoy the comforts of luxurious items.

Investing in properties may give good results depending upon the other planetary position in the natal chart Even then first half of the month will give better results compared to the second half However, the true picture can be ascertained only after looking at the other planetary position Atmosphere at home front will appear to be good and you will get the support of your family members In the beginning of the month you may have adamant attitude and may also face some monetary problems but after 15th September the situation will change gradually You will also feel relaxed at your work place or at professional front.

You should avail the opportunity for growth of your profession as you may get the support of your higher authorities You are running some positive transit during this month. Mars in sixth house along with Sun and Mercury is good. Saturn is also transiting in eleventh house This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Taurus, Aquarius and Libra as their Moon sign. Discord in relations and the health of spouse will be cause of concern. Relief in this regard can be expected only after 17th June.

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Beginning of the month may also cause financial problem Actually, we are afraid of losing our belongings and possessions or our relationship which we might have earned or accumulated due to greed, dishonesty or bad karmas. Saturn is known as judge and teacher This transit will have good results for some Signs and bad and unfavorable results for other Signs.

Moon sign born in Taurus, Libra and Capricorn will get favorable result of this transit In the beginning of month you will feel enthusiastic and would have a desire to enjoy the life. Sources of income will be available The native may get involved in the business of land, houses or conveyances. He will be satisfied with his status. He will be able to accumulate the luxurious household items and will find out further scope for growth in his profession Well placed or exalted Saturn gives better chances of desired job or profession particularly in the field Atmosphere at the home may not be cordial and some misunderstanding may cause confusion.

Disappointment and obstruction at your work place may give you stress Their emotional attachment and family value ensure a happy and successful love affair. Cancer born has forgiveness in their nature. They do not believe in taking revenges They follow certain fixed principles in life. They do not have flexible nature. They are determined in their thoughts The people governed by Saturn are generally serious by nature and are goal-oriented.

Here are the general predictions of Shani in different houses of a chart. Here are the general predictions of Rahu in different houses of a chart Such Saturn also effect the married life and person has to face many hurdles, struggles, disputes and court cases also Romance is indicated in a horoscope when Venus is in union with the Ascendant and is placed in one of these house i. There is no middle path for Rahu. If Rahu is favorable in the chart, he can raise a beggar to the status Main reason which contributes to this problem is high expectations from married life If Sun is malefic, the native starts losing his wealth No new cloth should also be worn on this day.

In case Mars is negative, Red Coral This planet signifies sexuality and comforts in the life of native. If a person has weak or afflicted Venus in his chart, he may suffer from weak sexual power Career wise each house has its own importance. Planets indicate the nature of career a person would like to choose It is observed that these yogas affect the life of an individual by giving some sort of results, positive or negative If he is already in job, when he will get promotion or change in his profession Rotating on their own axis and orbiting around sun, millions of miles away from our earth, do they truly control our destiny?

Saturn is a slow moving planet emitting blue color.