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In terms of physical features, the face, neck and eyes and tongue are influenced by the second house and thus it can lend an attractive appearance to a person.

Thus, the second house plays an important role in directing the energies that are provided by the first house to develop a successful life or career. There are certain tendencies that are brought about by the second house in an individual. The ability to generate income along with investments, moveable property like cars, jewellery etc. A strong second house will generate a materialistic tone in the lifestyle of an individual who will have earning money as the major goal in life.

[2012] P. K. Vasudev [Vedic Astrology, Money Matters]

Those who are of the belief that money brings happiness and freedom are generally placed in the second house. For this to function effectively, the ability to use the accumulated wealth in the right manner is very essential.

The house also impacts the feelings and emotions of a person, especially in the early stages of life and also the relationship with younger siblings. The second house influences the amount of savings that an individual can generate and hence a weak position of the second house can result in the accumulation of debts. An unfavourable position of the house can also result in the person being unable to get along with his family members in some ways. This experience can also get carried forward into the extended segments of the family and acquaintances. The presence of specific planets can add more impact to the house whereas the absence of any can make life uneventful.

The presence of Jupiter and Venus in the house can result in attractive facial features, and the presence of Jupiter alone can result in a profusion of wealth. The presence of a favourable planet like Mercury can also result in the individual being an eloquent speaker. The presence of planet Moon in the house generally indicates that the person can be a successful businessman and also a smart and prosperous individual. On the other hand the presence of Saturn is inauspicious in terms of financial matters.

When it comes to the relationship with the other houses, the second house has the following correlations.

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While the opposition the eighth house indicate the matters that are beyond the control of an individual, the trine with the sixth and tenth house indicate the balance between work and career that is needed for financial growth. The square with the fifth and eleventh house indicates the leisure and the social arenas of life. These are areas that can adversely affect the income and can show conflicts of interest. The fourth house indicate home and family and a sextile in that sphere warrants that with the right effort, these aspects can be real assets.

The sextile in the twelfth house indicate the sacrifices one has to make to gain results. The second house in generally about satisfying the inner needs with material aspects but its influence goes beyond that in making a person answer the true calling. Astrology , Vedic Astrology Houses. Introduction House in Vedic Astrology The entire Vedic astrology is based on three major aspects — the house, the placement of planets and the placement….

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