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Overall, it's a chatty month of intense feelings and shaking out our wings, although our lips may move a lot faster that the Sisyphean boulder that we're all being challenged to show up for again and again. Like Joseph Campbell says:. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.

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If we can't change the world, we can certainly do the best with ourselves, sending a ripple that connects us with other ripples that will hopefully lead to the sea change it appears we need. Your star is shining this month as you liberate yourself from old routines and embrace the change-making Uranian energy that has you in its electric, connect-with-greater-world possibilities. Bubbles of excitement shock, awe, fear pop beneath you and an inability to rely on old defenses make you much more likely to find other ways to feel secure, like trusting your feelings?!? You might still be in the excavation phase so be thankful if the world is helping you along by taking things from you that are tiresome old bothers — person, place, or thing.

A New Moon in your sign on the 4th has a surreal feeling that allows you attune to your deepest longings so take advantage by stealing a little time to yourself and your zesty imaginings.

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While this transit is good for intimate sexy time, is also a call to play with investing and take some measured risks with your resources. Your answers come through not only your intuition, but connecting with others very different from yourself and doing the thing those familiar thought you would never do.

Give them something to talk about. Mars is whipping you forward even if you feel a little in the dark. After May 2oth, Mars will have moved into Cancer, and the Sun and Mercury into Gemini, refreshing your spirit in the 1st House of self-expression and initiation. Until then, take rest between the craziness. Your natural quick-witted, buzzy energy is ready to make a mark the last half of the month. Cancer loves the cozy, take-your-time energy of Taurus, which is highlighted the first half of the month as the Sun and Uranus move through this compatible sign and light up your 11th House.

Yes, Uranus could be a bit of a live wire in your House of Community but most likely ushering in an exciting new tribe of craftsmen that help you chisel out your chosen destiny, or just some chill new friends. Magnetic Venus only adds to your popularity when she enters the 11th House on May 15th putting you on par with appealing connections that help you expand your reach and maybe with a dollop of philanthropy to boot. You might think of planning a fun event to bring your disparate circles of friends. A good date would be around the Full Moon of Scorpio on May 18th which brings a consuming intensity and flair to your 5th House of recreation and love affairs.

At the end of the day, we want to see you play — not gripping to the steering wheel in an effort to impress. Mars will join this mysterious house on May 16th putting an exclamation point on the necessity to slow down and let things in. Changes may be flowing in easy breezy as bolt-from-the-blue Uranus and the Sun light up your 9th House of Adventure.

The New Moon on the 4th is a great time to plan a summer vacation and get in touch with your wanderlust. You could even be caught in an uncharacteristic bout of saying exactly what you feel — and then having to apologize for being so blunt. Relationships have been on fire and the first few days of May are replete with communicative zest and flirtatious zeal as Venus, Mercury and the Moon grace your 7th House of one-on-one relationships. There continues to be big decisions to make in the home space, as your 4th House of roots, home and family is under the intense microscope of Pluto and Saturn.

Whether that translates as home projects or just a lot of responsibility concerning parents, children or said projects, it will take your utmost discretion to decide what you want to keep and what responsibilities are just too much to keep your life in balance everything to a Libra!

It seems where your energy is really needed is in your 10th House of public persona and career as the North Node hints that your career is where your heart is. Forcing yourself out of introversion and into the limelight of being seen and heard in your particular area of expertise is on the agenda not just this month but this year. Pluto and Saturn retrograding in your 3rd House of Communication could be dredging up some old thought patterns, in order to show you just how unhelpful it is to look at things too intensely or be your own biggest critic.

Your biggest gains are made through communicating from the heart and through seeing the big picture. Changemaker Uranus will be transiting the love-me-till-I-die 7th House for the next 7 years, waking you up to soulmates or stoking your need for freedom and excitement within an existing relationship. Offbeat partnerships could arrive and leave if only to come in and teach a specific lesson. You may finally realize your limitations in mind control and committing to living your best life and letting others catch up. Think about letting someone take you on a date or at plan something romantic with a friendly tribe of soulmates.

Lucky Jupiter is digging his heels into your sign, retrograding until August 11th. While we tend to associate retrogrades with chaos and confusion think Mercury! All that expansion needs a little contraction; this is your chance to re-trace skipped steps. Adjusting those Sagittarian arrows of intent ever so slightly can wildly change your destination.

This could especially be affecting you, magnetizing your big personality while at the same time pulling your attention towards a thousand conversations that seems just as urgent as the one before you can thank Mars in chatty Gemini in that 7th House of romance and business partners. Where you might catch a breath of fresh air is in the 6th House of work and service.

The more radical the better, as Uranus is visiting this sector of your chart for the next 7 years. The New Moon on May 4th in that shape-up-or-ship-out 6th House may light up some ideas for how to reshuffle your daily routines to bring out your personal best. Everything is happening in perfect time, even if you feel like things are slowing down starting that 2nd week in May. It can also be an incredibly ambitious time, but just remember everything in the external world in a reflection of our quality of attention in the internal one.

With the Sun, Uranus and soon Venus highlighting your 5th House of fun, creativity and love affairs the Cosmos does seem to be throwing you a bone. Enjoy it! If you need to bring new energy into the home, a good day is on or around May 4th with a lovely Taurus New Moon reminding you that all you need is within you or beside you. Your finances seem to be trying to catch up with all the growth lately. All their sweet and open energy must be managed else they turn against their nature and pretend to be an Aries which makes them tired, resentful and feeling victimized by the big, bad world.

In more long-term news, you have zany Uranus in your 3rd House of Communication for the next several years positioning you to develop your original voice in new ways. With Mars shifting into compatible Cancer on the 15th and your 5th House of Fun and Love Affairs, allow some dreamy spontaneity into your personal life flow. Enjoy her catch-me-if-you-can presence until mid-month when she brings her charms into Taurus and your House of Money. Your ability to attract resources can manifest in the most unconventional of ways, and if one source of income has dried up, feel confident that another one is coming through the chute.

Pluto and Saturn in retrograde can feel taxing at home, perhaps forcing your attention towards projects or real estate matters. Mercury is out of retrograde although the mist continues until the Messenger planet gets through the romantic, uncertainty-riddled haze of Neptune give it a couple weeks. Venus, our collective relationship mood, drifts in romantic Pisces until the 20th helping us see others through a certain rose-colored hue. Meanwhile, Mars is in brainy, curious Gemini increasing our appetite to connect with others and see what makes them tick.

This is a month of initiation, and putting our idealism into action, even if it comes in fits and starts. On what house cusp does Taurus fall? This will give you a clue to what your wake-up call is all about! Happy Birthday, Aries! You may feel like a ram just out of the gate as the Sun has left the ego-confining 12th House and enters the 1st House of initiation and personal style. The first few days of April may still have a spacey feel, only because the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Neptune are still in Pisces taking up a chunk of let-go-and-let-spirit mental real estate.

Your Sun has emerged from the shadowy 12th House however and the world may interacting with you in a more playful and obvious way, even if you still have to be patient. Venus, planet of attraction money, love, socializing will give you a cosmic birthday gift when this head-turner enters your sign on the 20th. Make sure to envision your personal bulls-eye on the New Moon in Aries on April 5th and make room for surprises.

With Uranus in your 2nd House of Money, the way you generate income may come from totally unexpected sources and lean on unexpected personal resources. Yes, it could be a bit up and down over the next several years … but just as likely up! Opportunities abound to play new roles, in life and art. This is re-defining your stable Taurus persona and giving people something to talk about, in a good way.

Putting none too fine a point on this, is the fact that you have Venus, Mercury and Neptune all floating in your 11th House of Networking this month. You may find yourself in position to collect a talented team and roll with the visionaries of your tribe in order to see a new project through to completion. Allow yourself to be celebrated by friends, especially in your artistic community and especially near April 9th when Venus and Neptune conjoin for a dreamy download with your support system.

Embrace community, Taurus. The bigger, the better. The New Moon on April 5th is seeding possibilities in your support community, amplifying your role as a change-maker and trail-blazer anytime you step into a room. When planet-of-communication Mercury enters Aries on the 16th, your firebrand of communication will only amplify and people seem to be counting on you to speak truth or just be an opinionated hothead. Meanwhile, your House of Career is subject to a myriad of changes and open loops, none of which are bad, but may feel a little topsy-turvy, at least until the 3rd week of the month.

Allow people to see you as they want as people could be projecting all sorts of fears and fantasies on you, with a cluster of planets in imaginative Pisces holding up a mirror to themselves. Relationships meanwhile are intensifying and bringing unexpected gifts and difficulties. While there are no planets in your sign this month, you do have a supportive cluster of planets in fellow-feeling water sign Pisces, bringing an ethereal glow to your 9th House of big ideas, education and travel.

A certain longing to escape the humdrum may be especially strong the first half of the month with Venus, Mercury and Neptune conjuring up visions of your own personal utopia. With the Sun in Aries, followed by Mercury joining this fire sign the 3rd week in April in your House of Career, there can be an uptic in your public profile. You may be showcasing a work or in position to be seen by people who decide if you get into an educational program or entry into some sort of fast track to the decision-makers.

The New Moon on the 5th is also in this career house, so this is a month to come out in a new way and show off. There could be a tendency towards overwhelm, so try not to over-promise, but rather to save room for the hell yesses! Work, service and your day-to-day discipline is asking for fine-tuning, although not just this month. Taskmaster Saturn is traveling the 6th House of all things personal housekeeping through December.

This daily attention to detail may be part of the molting process in career, as Uranus, planet of surprise, is perched at the top of your chart broadcasting that your public image is ch-ch-changing or soon will be. The Cosmos seem to be asking the evergreen question: what is your passion? A New Moon in your expansive 9th House of Travel sets the mood for a month of growth and trying new things, or maybe even going new places. Mars in your 10th House of career may be calling on you to make a bold move, and act as the director of communication in some way.

You may be feeling beholden to someone else, whether this is a creative partnership or romantic one-on-one relationship. Remember to set intentions around intimacy and communication on the 5th and expect the unexpected on the culminating Full Moon in Libra on April 19th. Meanwhile the romantic, if confusing, trifecta of Venus, Mercury and Neptune in your 6th House of work and day-to-day responsibilities is throwing you for a bit of a loop. Maybe you need more scheduled attention? Make sure you celebrate your charming self on the Full Moon in Libra on April 19th.

The following day, on the 20th, the Sun moves from your 7th House of Relationship to your 8th House of Sex intimacy, joint accounts increasing the sticking points but also creating the landscape for an even greater intimacy. Someone may want some answers. You may be seduced into a romantic mood as this this deluge of planets in feeling water open the floodgates to your heart. You have the energy to get through a to-do list as long as you keep it interesting. Embarking on a new, more robust self-care routine is in the offing, as well as more energy to reach out and secure gigs.

When the Sun goes into Taurus and lights up your House of partnership staring the 20th, a natural lean-on-me kind of love offers a beam of support. Take the very next step available and the miraculous could fill in the gaps. The Sun in fellow friendly fire Aries certainly lifts your spirits for the first 3 weeks of April and reminds you that you really are fun and spontaneous. The mental and technological hamstringing of March is in the rearview, although there are still are a lot of unanswered questions and possible paths forward.

Jupiter, the Ace Card in your cosmic pocket, is still showering you with growth opportunities although this avuncular planet is going retrograde on the 10th. Think of it as positioning yourself correctly on the diving board before taking your final leap. Luck is where timing meets preparation after all, and timing in the cosmic sense is way on your side in that equation.

Thankfully for you, work is fun!

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You may be doing a little on a lot of things this month, and only time will reveal how they all come together. The 13th could have you declaring a new-ish direction, even if that means cutting ties to the familiar way. The Full Moon in Libra on the 19th lights up your House of Communication and your words spreads their wings and send influence in unexpected ways so keep penning.

All this work is not for naught. Cue Wilson Phillips. Your biggest ally this month may be action-planet Mars firing up your 5th House of Creativity and Love Affairs. There could be some genesis taking place in your in the way you earn money, as three planets in go-with-the-flow Pisces are conjuring up opportunities perhaps by taking other ones away. Trusting the Universe when it comes to something as survival-based as our income may seem less than pragmatic, but the Cosmos are calling for an open mind in the earned income department of your life.

Mercury is out of retrograde, so clarity will only increase as the month marches on. Re-location could seem dramatic, but shock-and-awe Uranus is tearing through your House of Home, Family and Roots the next several years, at least infusing you with a certain questioning about whether your current whereabouts are the right fit for your bold-ass self. This is just the beginning. Your presence is in demand, and while you may still be tempted to over-commit, it looks like the offers could be pretty glamorous.

Keep up with your morning meditations, Pisces! You may be wanting to get something in writing or secure a contract. Reverse engineer from your vision years from now to intuit whether saying yes or no supports that path. Even so, expect some pleasurable distractions as is just par for the course with Venus in your sign. Uncorking and enjoying impromptu experiences help buoy your ambitious plans more than you think, putting you in touch with helpful people that respect how well you balance work and play. For the full skinny, be sure to read your Sun and Rising sign. The most telling turn of the cosmos is the planet Uranus - upset, revolution, liberation, progress — plugs into the sign of Taurus — earth, stability and finances.

If this seems like an awkward, potentially ground-shaking transit, it is. Expect rebellion and revolution when the genius, free-thinking planet wakes up our beliefs and practices around money, security and Mother Earth. Our hunger for romance and relating takes on an airy, group-date Aquarius vibe starting the 1st as Venus moves into this cerebral stand-out sign and gives us an appetite to connect with a variety of people, showcase our ahead-of-the-curve ideas and celebrate our weird.

Happy Birthday, Pisces! The month will try and pull you every which way, so the more you can tune into what would really feel good to place at the top of your list, the more likely the Cosmos will bend to your inner rutter. Neptune on your Sun is amplifying your natural state of feeling and imagination, but also making your boundaries a little more permeable. You may find it easier to drift into different characters with this shape-shifting energy which could be a boon for your art form.

Conversely, you are being asked to define yourself in a group or community, which may mean setting some much-needed boundaries Pluto, Saturn, South Node in the 11th House. Look forward especially to the 26th, when magnetic Venus enters your sign and romance moves up the ladder and set intentions early in the month on the New Moon of the 6th in your sweet sign.

For real this time, Uranus — wake-up call planet of the unexpected — is leaving your sign for your good after 8 years of shock, awe and how did I get here?! Mercury is also retrograde, hamstringing productivity on new projects and forcing you to roll with the unexpected. With fun loving Jupiter making a flowing angle to your Sun, some lighthearted adventure seems just what the astrologer ordered. A Full Moon in Libra on the 20th is a great night to plan something big knowing of course the Mercury is retrograde and everything will change.

Long-term plan materialize nonetheless through the help of your creative tribe of artists, free-thinkers and misfits. While your no-nonsense approach can help curtail needless drama, there can be a tendency to miss nuances or take too broad a view. What is best of all involved? Restraint may be needed, and this month may serve to help see where your aim needs to be changed just a degree or two. You look best glowing and taking it all in stride, knowing that what passes through your fingers is just making space for a bigger win.

Pluto and Saturn continue to tear defenses in your 8th House of Intimacy perhaps bringing up pockets of fear, loathing and fascination with your deep inner self, and the people that help you get there. Effervescent Venus offers some levity as this relationship-oriented love magnet has moved into gregarious Aquarius and your 9th House of adventure on March 1st. Past works could also have a way of re-visiting and giving you some credit where credit is past due; an instance where Mercury retrograde works in our favor.

The guiding star of your chart, represented by the North Node in Cancer, continues to remind you to speak from the heart, use your words and keep asking questions without knowing what the answer is necessarily. You get along swimmingly with the Sun, Neptune and Mercury in fellow-water sign Pisces, bringing a sweet flow to your 9th House of travel and adventure. You are due to let off a little steam, especially on March 6th when the Sun and Neptune combine for maximum disco ball effect.

Uranus does the electric slide into Taurus, landing in your House of Friends and staying there for the next 7 years. This can revolutionize your community, bringing exciting opportunities to network with future colleagues who help you shape and arrive at a refreshed dream. Either way, it looks as if an exciting new crop of people — perhaps of the earthy, artistic, counter-culture variety — may be involved in this shake up. Mars is also lighting up this social house this month, so get out of the living room, Cancer! There are people to meet! On or around the 14th, 20th and 26th show the most promise.

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This can certainly set a mood, but be in the spirit of discovery as Mercury is retrograde what you see is not always what you get! Meanwhile, stubbornly feisty Mars in Taurus rips across the top of your chart perhaps bringing a shining moment of boldness to your career scene.

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And the moment continues, because Uranus — planet of unexpected change and revolution — is heading for this same public sector of your chart for the next 7 years! If people thought they had your type pegged, guess again. Stay open to opportunities to bring more of your revolutionized self to the word at large.

Surprises can make Virgo nervous, but planet of the unexpected — Uranus — is heading into your 9th House of travel and higher education. A romantic glow is lighting up your 7th House of one-on-one partnership, although things could feel a little diffuse with the Sun, Neptune and Mercury retrograde in dreamy, evasive Pisces. People are acting as mirrors, so be prepared to be shown the best and less best about you as you interact with partners. You may be in the mood to deeply bond, but someone may feel just out of reach. You may also want to bring things up in the moment, rather than letting anything fester.

The only thing Virgos hate more than surprises is confrontation, and Mars-in-Taurus in the 3rd House favors you being forthright. Odds and ends in work may send you in hilarious circles, if you keep a sense of humor about it. This is because the Sun, Neptune and Mercury retrograde are dancing to the beat of their own drum in your 6th House of work, service and health. While it may be necessary to close some open loops and deal with a little tedium to increase productivity, ultimately this energy may be best applied to implementing self-care and creativity into your regular day-to-day routine.

Venus, your favorite planet as it has to do with sugar and spice and everything nice, will be sending lots of love to your 5th House of love affairs and creativity.

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Some fun evenings out kvetching with friends about what Uranus has in store for your sex life may be due. Ooh la la! The consortium of Pisces planets blends well with your water sign, and serves to add some action and imagination to your house of love, recreation and creativity. Taking a load off may be an understatement for what you feel like doing, as Pisces energy can seek the nearest escape, be it the bar or high art.

Old lovers could return or old creative avenues revisited, but the idea is to use this richness as fuel for what you desire and enjoy the colorful zigzag of impulses that will flash across your screen. Getting ahead of emails, nailing the right tone and seeing the world through such an ambitious lens can be tiresome, if fortifying. That may mean taking the elevator up to the 69th floor, but whatever instances of perspective you can get, the better.

Yes lucky Jupiter in your sign is still making most things turn up roses for you. The lucky planet is in your sign until December, so dust yourself off and get ready to grow. Just remember Jupiter is both the planet of great gain and great loss. The latter only coming if we fail to act upon opportunity or talent simply because it comes just a little too easily to be trusted, or thought of as worthy of our nurturing.

You may be doing a lot of tinkering, space clearing and re-arranging due to such a build up of imaginative energy here although Mercury retrograde could include repairs or confounding domestic details coming light. A beautiful New Moon on the 6th of March begs attention to this area, perhaps seeding creative ideas to bring the feeling of springtime into your physical space or even feeling like you have to say goodbye to things that have gone stale for you.

This could be a bit of a pull of up your sleeves and get to work month with the energy of Mars in persistent Taurus in your 6th house of work and organization. Venus, planet of love, is sending some opportunities for brainy flirtations as she crosses into your 3rd House of Communication. The change this month, Capricorn, is Uranus moving into a lovely angle to your Sun after being a frictional one for the past 8 years.

Changes are coming for us all, but with the planet of shock and awe in fellow earth sign Taurus, it could be a little less … stressful for earth and water signs. Also, the area where your Uranian wake-up call is ringing is your 5th House of love affairs, children and creativity pick your favorite. Expecting the unexpected over the next 7 years is a lot of this planet to ask, but at the very least be open to surprising yourself in your creative projects, your romantic selections or attitude on children.

Mercury retrograde is meanwhile causing you to backtrack and stay flexible when it comes to your day-to-day schedule. Seed intentions especially around writing projects on March 6th. Venus moves in, Aquarius! A certain seductive charm envelops you in the month of March as the planet of love and beauty chooses you until dropping you like a bad habit on the 26th. Eat it up! Mars is also charging through this private sector of your chart this month, so expect a lot of action around the home. Finding a healthy way to vent all this hot energy and get in touch with entrenched layers of feeling and instinct is key.

Lucky Jupiter continues to bring helpful people your way and highlight community that believes in your long-term hopes and dreams. There may be a bit of a re-shuffle this month. This is not to confuse you, but more to shake out any accumulated dust so you can burst into Spring. Keep your sense of humor as Mercury will be retrograde and testing your attachment to old sure things — from income streams to physical objects. The Universe is trying to make you look at the inner picture — your feelings, your space, people in your space — so you can more accurately draw the map of the long-term plan.

Yes, the Sun has moved out of get-thee-to-the-top-of-the-mountain Capricorn and into the electric air of inclusive, forward-thinking Aquarius, but Saturn and Pluto remain in this relentlessly persevering earth sign, reminding us glory comes to those who set their vision and truck on. Venus is now in Capricorn long romantic sigh for the lost art of commitment? We also can celebrate Chinese New Year on the 5th re-do!

Even in these times of trouble, it seems the opportunity is to generate equanimity and illuminate truth and integrity through art; which takes the discipline of staying connected and clear in your vision. We kick off the month with a New Moon on February 4thin your rebellious, free-thinking sign. On the 3rdVenus goes into hiding in your 12thHouse of spirituality and surrender, promising some quiet moments and perhaps making a partner seem more enigmatic than usual. Take full advantage of the Mars in assertive, fire-sign Aries until the 14thto get your point across.

After that, Mars will slow down a bit in Taurus and ask that you back up your idea with persistent, plodding action forward which can feel irritatingly predictable to Aquarius. Focus on February 3rdand 4thto really set the tone for the rest of the month. It's best to take action in the first half after which the Sun slips into the dreamy landscape of Pisces. Pisces Feb 19th— March 20th. The Sun is heading your way! Until then, February 18thto be exact, life may feel a bit like a behind-the-scenes tour with the Sun behind the veil of the free-associating, dreamscape of the 12thHouse.

On the 3rd, Venus shifts into the more compatible sign of Capricorn and activates your 11thHouse of long-term vision and helpful community. If you are feeling social, sharing vibrations with conscious community will feel supportive as you reformulate seal your game plan. The Full Moon on the 19thin Virgo brings attention to the area of one-on-one partnership. Something artistically refreshing on the 6thor 7thas the Moon floats through Pisces, will cement a cozy feeling of connection and give you a reboot. In the meantime, soak up the inspiration and take some cues from the inspirational people around you.

Aries March 21st — April 19th. This urgent pace of this fish-out-water energy is also due to the last lick of spirited stressful, unexpected, titillating Uranus in your sign, which graduates into Taurus next month. Your 11thHouse of Community and Long-Term Goals is also highlighted until mid-month by the Sun in Aquarius, delivering opportunities to connect with your tribe and show up as a firebrand in your circle of influence.

The biggest news for Aries is probably the re-entrance of the asteroid Chiron into your sign, which ushers in a certain intensity and even mini personal crisis when it comes to recovering your true self. It ends up energizing you, but yes you may run up against some old patterns that you were heretofore oblivious to. This is your warm-up month for when Uranus, planet of offbeat surprises, re-enters your sign for what promises a certain makeover of your life, if just on an energetic level.

This month is a great time to contemplate what really makes you tick and map a vision that you download from quiet moments of reflection. Mark the days around the 19thwhen to celebrate yourself when the Full Moon in the supportive earth of Virgo lights up your 5thHouse of creativity, fun and self-expression.

The Sun sparkles in fellow air sign Aquarius until the 18thtriggering a certain enthusiasm and openness for life, or a dream of escaping the humdrum and diving into more exotic experiences. If you can bring this wilderness of the mind to your daily pursuits, the sense of adventure will follow you and you may develop a taste for surprises. Sweet days are the 13thand 14thwhen the Moon enters your sign and Mars downshifts into earthy Taurus offering a little relief from the relentless myopia of work and focus on the big picture.

Interesting and unexpected community you surround you, at least the first half of the month, as Uranus, Mars and Mercury send sparks in your House of Networking. Jupiter optimism, opportunity, good luck continues to light up your 7thHouse of Relationship, so keep thoughts positive and say yes to fun opportunities to create partnership or build upon an existing twosome in Cancer June 20th— July 22nd. It seems the skies drift by with less storms for Cancer this month. A bunch of planets moving into water and earth signs help create a softness and flow in which you can find your groove, after the heave ho of January.

Venus, Goddess of Love and Luxury, creates an opposition to your Sun this month, demanding you give some attention to relationships, indulge in self-care, and even do or buy something fancy! Finally, on the 18th, the Sun enters a fellow friendly water sign Pisces and you come into the limelight even more with those extra sun beams of support. Waaaait for it. Indeed, the guiding light for the collective this year, represented by the North Node of the Moon, is in your sign. Consciously nurturing causes, creative family and heartfelt projects is where the gold is.

Remember to set intentions at the New Moon of February 4tharound themes of intimacy, authenticity and a deep dive into self. Libra Sept.

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Admittedly, a scheduled event might be cancelled. Your kids might also surprise you in some way today. Expect to have a vigourous discussion with a female friend. But on the whole, this is a fun-loving day! Scorpio Oct. Mars opposite your sign makes you feel that others are annoying — and they probably are. Look around you because life is quite beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sagittarius Nov. Ideally, it would be nice to travel. After all, you are the traveller of the zodiac. Try it. Capricorn Dec.

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Check all financial deals very carefully because things are unpredictable today. Aquarius Jan. This is the kind of day where you can go with your impulses to see where they lead you. Expect a miracle! Pisces Feb. Have another cup of coffee and read your newspaper or do the crossword so you can relax. You need a break today. Even conservative Aquarians will be in a radical mindset this week, so if you have ever wanted to change your life for the better, this is the time. It can be done, but you will increase your chances tenfold if you invite others to join your quest. Just make sure they know who is in charge. A powerful Mars-Pluto aspect means there is very little you cannot do and nothing that scares you. Sounds like a recipe for fun. Family and financial issues can be dealt with speedily and decisively.