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Scorpio is the witch of the horoscope, both in the good and the bad sense of the word. This water sign can produce a siren whose song will be sure to bring all sailors to their demise, crashed on the shores of the sea of love.

Scorpio weekly tarot horoscope

With the New Moon in Scorpio, any of the more sinister traits that this sign may and often does possess tend to get amplified up quite a bit. The scorpion's sting becomes more deadly, scales of the siren's fishtail become sharper, the rocks this mythical creature resides on become more dangerous for any ship that may come close by. At the same time, her song become sweeter and her charms more potent than ever.

Bringing equal amounts of pleasure and pain, this femme fatale's already delicate inner balance can tip over in one direction just as easily as in the other. Once in her embrace, the sailor will see her dark side. She is a passionate lover but also tends to be extremely jealous and possessive - almost treating "her people" as her property.

The Scorpio will stop at nothing in order to get and keep their prey - hide important information, keep secrets, manipulate and weave elaborate webs to keep their victim in their domain. Even if this may sound as an exaggeration, during the New Moon, it may not be.

An invitation to mastery – Full Moon in Scorpio tarot reading

Get your personal free moon cycle tarot reading with our app, plus an introduction into incorporating moon phases into your life. With these forces in power, it might prove a bit difficult to navigate the stormy sea that is the life. Still, Odysseus outsmarted the sirens and so we too can outsmart the Scorpio. Bear in mind though that this dangerous creature may not always be an external enemy but may, at times, also reside within us.

Just like this frenzied enchantress of the horoscope, we too may need to curb our burning jealousy, put reins on some of the more negative sides of the passion burning within us and let others have their fair share of freedom.

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Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion in Astrology -- a passionate Water sign that is often associated with death. But not the tears and tombstones type of death -- think more along the lines of regenerative powers and positive transformation! Scorpios are intuitive and emotionally intense. Symbolizing release and rebirth, the Death card is about transformation and reminds us that you must be willing to let go of the past in order to embrace new opportunities. And his armor reminds us to focus on what is invincible and cannot be destroyed.

couldsvetselucvert.gq I mainly worked intuitively with some key supporting words from the Sakki Sakki tarot guidebook. I need to work out how to manage and balance my different needs and those of others. I need structure to reach my vision and goals as well as meet my own self-care needs. This is interesting. I know that the INTP from Myers-Briggs is the sort that has eight books on the go — with lots of ideas and opportunities to connect them.

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  4. And I do feel that energy right now. I need to tap more into this well-informed body of knowledge, the intellectual and emotional value built up over time from all that I have read, experienced and learned. And I need to work out ways to share that to move forward. I need to let my intellect take the leadership in this self-leadership journey as all the swords are suggesting.

    Scorpio Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

    The Six of Swords is the card that symbolised this new life journey in my Welcome message to my new Quiet Writing site. It also reinforces that home, where I am surrounded by water, is healing and critical to my health and creative wellbeing. To achieve balance and fairness, sometimes you have to give something up — other times you have to accept more.

    This is a theme throughout this reading. Do the work, set the framework and identify the priorities but include joy and fun in there as well. So are your thoughts also around mastery of a skill or project and how to make your creativity into a new career, life and lifestyle? If so, here are some questions around this prompted by the Scorpio full moon, the tarot spread by Sam Roberts and reflections on my own tarot reading. Journal or brainstorm around them to help your own dance of mastery begin to unfold further at this time of opportunity:.

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    May the unique vision and value of what you love be the energy that propels you to new places of mastery. May you share your loves with us and may you enjoy the dance. Full Moon image from pexels. There are regular posts on tarot, intuition, influence, passion, creativity, productivity, writing, voice, introversion and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI. This includes MBTI developments, coaching, creativity and other connections to help express your unique voice in the world. New opportunities and special offers coming soon including probono coaching opportunities. If you enjoyed this post, please share via your preferred social media channel — links are below.