Number 17 birthday ideas

I am a stickler for even the smallest details.

I had a vision and knew I wanted this to be the main focus of my display. She was able to create it and ship it to me! I created these with grasshopper cookies, black sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and white frosting. Plastic cups dipped in green melting chocolate and then quickly into a shallow dish filled with green sprinkles. I repeated this twice to get me the desired thickness of sprinkles.

17th Birthday Ideas: 17 Fun Ways To Celebrate A Teen Birthday

Top with a cute straw from Bake it pretty and you are good to go. Next fill skewer with desired fruit and stick the end into the tin foiled cork. For the activities: I presented to the kids that we had to train to become Jedi Masters so we can defeat the dark side and take down Darth Vader. I basically recreated the Jedi Training from Disneyland.

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This is where we also dressed them in their Jedi robes. I created an obstacle course using hula hoops hula hoops and telling them they had to jump through each galaxy hula hoops and through the milky way the tunnel to enter into the home of the storm troopers the bounce house and white balloons that my friend drew storm trooper faces on. With their imagination they built their ships and colored their Star Wars coloring sheets.

I gave each kid their personalized sack to collect their candy in. I did this because I know after they get their candy they may set their sack down and then cry that someone took their candy.

These are just white lunch sacks purchased at target and then with a sharpie my friend and I drew on storm trooper faces. Hurry kids collect as many as you can as fast as you can!!!

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Once they took down Darth Vader, each guest got a personalized certificate they could take home along with their light saber, jedi robe, and a candy light saber. White paper bags. Darth Vader Costume.

17 Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas When You’re Short on Space | Babble

Polka Dot table cloth. Muslin Fabric for Jedi robes. Green Sprinkles. Black Sprinkles. Wilton melting chocolate. Star Wars cake topper. Drink dispenser.

17th Birthday Decorations

Ushers will open the velvet ropes just for you and your guests and you can enjoy having the entire theater to yourselves. Most theaters even allow you to have food catered in for the party. Eat junk food, play games, and ride roller coasters with friends on your 17th birthday at an amusement park.

Everyone will surely enjoy themselves at a place designed for fun. Choose one that suits your guest list and budget and take your 17th birthday party out to sea for a memorable, unique experience you and guests will likely reflect on for years to come. Stay at a cool hotel, like one of these haunted hotels , or save money by camping out.

Calculating the Birthday Number

Invite a few of your closest friends to enjoy the weekend with. Live life in the fast lane for your 17th birthday with friends and family at a nearby go kart track.

DIY Party Ideas - How I Celebrated My 18th Birthday! + Crafts & Timelapses :O

Beyond being lots of fun, go kart tracks usually have party space available, so you can set up cake, food and more without worrying about clean up. Depending on the time of year and weather, partaking in water sports might be a fun way to celebrate your 17th birthday. Kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and snorkeling are just a few more sporty things you can do in the water for your 17th birthday. Buy tickets to a professional sporting event, like a professional soccer game, football game, or basketball game.

Seeing your favorite team play in person will make your 17th birthday unforgettable. Invite a few friends along for company. Camping and hiking are great ways to celebrate your 17th birthday because in addition to being fun and exciting, they can also be very affordable. Make your hiking or camping trip more special by selecting a unique destination.