Astrology compatibility by birthday

Is your love story written in the stars? On the other hand, birthday compatibility can explain why some signs will be harder for you to read or even frustrate you. There are no wrong signs to date, just different emotional climates and personalities that will offer different experiences.

For example, Geminis love to travel, something they have in common with Aquarius and Sagittarius. Leos like to take risks, so they are often at odds with the planning nature of a Capricorn. If you want yours to last, keep reading! But birthday compatibility has many layers we are more than just our Sun signs. Our birth charts reveal much more about our emotional needs, which are determined by the Moon sign and the planets and signs in the seventh house. It can also reveal your romance style, depending on what sign Venus, the planet of love , is in, and your style of communication, based on what sign the planet Mercury is in.

After that, look to the rest of the primal triad , the Moon sign and Rising sign.

The Truth About Compatibility

The reason for this compatibility is partially based on elemental compatibility. Fire and Air are complementary elements, as are Water and Earth, so signs from these groups typically mesh well. They say Cancer and Libra have a hard time getting along, but they can learn the most from each other if they stick it out.

How to do marriage compatibility the easy way in Vedic Astrology

Incompatibility should be looked at as a treasure hunt and not a curse! Giving someone space to be themselves and not moulding them into what you think they should be will make them feel good. What are their most common strengths and weaknesses? While reading your zodiac sign's daily horoscope is fun, there is SO much more this ancient study can teach us!

From the Chinese zodiac to astrological compatibility, we have the articles you need to help put the pieces of your personal cosmic puzzle together. Eclipses are a big deal in Astrology, but not everyone understands what the difference between the two are!

Mercury may be small, but it's capable of causing big problems when it spins backward! Outer planets are heavy hitters, and their transits can have a huge influence on YOU! You're so much more than your Sun sign -- your Moon and Rising signs have an impact too!

Astrology Love Matcher: Are You Compatible?

Ox , Dragon , Monkey. Rat , Tiger , Snake , Dog , Pig. Rabbit , Horse , Sheep , Rooster. Rat , Snake , Rooster.

Ox , Tiger , Monkey , Pig. Rabbit , Dragon , Horse , Sheep , Dog.

Horse , Dog , Pig. Snake , Monkey. Sheep , Dog , Pig. Tiger , Rabbit , Snake , Monkey. Rat , Monkey , Rooster. Tiger , Snake , Horse , Pig.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility in Love, Relationship and Sex

Ox , Dog , Sheep , Rabbit , Dragon. Ox , Rooster , Monkey. Tiger , Pig. Tiger , Sheep , Dog. Dragon , Snake , Monkey , Rooster , Pig. Rabbit , Horse , Pig. Rat , Ox , Dragon. Rat , Dragon , Snake.

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Ox , Dragon , Snake. Tiger , Horse , Sheep , Monkey , Pig. Rat , Rabbit , Rooster , Dog. Tiger , Rabbit , Horse.

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Rat , Snake , Monkey , Dog , Pig. Ox , Dragon , Sheep , Rooster.