Weekly horoscope sagittarius 7 february 2020

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You are learning new things. Test out your new skills.

You might not feel confident, but with time, you'll be even better than you are now. Libra, saying goodbye to the old way of doing things leaves you wide open to a warm welcome to a new way of living your life.

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It's normal to feel sad to see a moment or season go, but think of all the memories you are going to make. Scorpio, your past, the present, and your family of origin are voices you carry with you throughout your life. Listen to your own voice now and remember that you get to create your own destiny, even if that means letting go of expectations that others placed on you. Sagittarius, being strong isn't easy. You might feel tired of being the strong person that your family or friends need. You might even wish someone else could be the stronger one instead. Take heart.

You are learning the extent of your personal limitations. You are so resilient and capable that you haven't yet realized how much power you've got going on inside of you. Capricorn, we all have hidden enemies or things that we have learned to distrust based on prior experiences.

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You don't have to make nice in order to please everyone when you know a situation is wrong. Stand up for yourself and avoid compromising situations that bring you down. Aquarius, not all choices are equal. You might feel that you have some confusion about making a small decision related to your love life today.

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Choosing to avoid what your heart tells you to do out of fear will only delay you from being where you already know you are meant to be. Pisces, the dreams you have for your life can feel overwhelming at times.


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You might not mean to sabotage your efforts but sometimes things happen. Today, when you feel that push to drop the ball, don't let yourself down. Look at the difficulty you face and see it as a blessing in some way. Aria Gmitter, M. Find her on Facebook for more.

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Astrology rating:. You'll feel better than ever! Your energy is inspiring! Don't push yourself too far. Avoid taking life too seriously. Start asking yourself the right questions. Follow your dreams. Control your emotions. Get the rest you need. Full energy mode! Focus on the positive side of life. Take the space you need.