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In ancient Gaul, Ireland and Britain they were a closed caste of priests — the successors of traditional beliefs and rites of Celts. Those legends and traditions were handed over from mouth to mouth for a long time and as such are mostly lost now. The higher class of of Druids were priests having a reputation of a sorcerer. They determined a calendar with days which are happy for tribes, and they were honoured as keepers of the past and foretellers of future.

Druids attached a great importance to a forest, trees, amongst of which they had to live. This is obviously the basis for relation of human nature to trees, which relation was established by the Druids. They claim that each human, so as a tree, has its own certain traits, merits and imperfections. Each one requires a certain conditions for living. Very important meaning Druids attached to a winter and summer Sun opposition, to a vernal and autumnal equinox. On these days the Druids were making a ceremonial processions and a sacrifices using the white bulls.

In general, the location of the Sun relatively to the Earth is the basis for the Druids horoscope. In accordance with this horoscope a human's destiny, future, character and abilities depend on distance of the Sun from the Earth at the day of this human's birth. That's why each sign has two periods of activity. Based on the those two links above. This unusual tree with its distinctive, curly branches is said to contain ancient knowledge.

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The hazel represent creativity and imagination, and the Celtics held it in high regard as a source of artistic inspiration. Despite this unique tree's appearance and meaning, Hazel people are usually rather hard to notice at first glance.

They prefer to keep it low keys; they are calm, quiet, and overall, nearly invisible. However, if someone makes an effort to get to know them a little bit better, they will find Hazels to be very charming and full of virtue. Hazel people don't get involved in conversations and rarely speak their mind but when they do, they draw the most unexpected and unconventional conclusions. Hazels have their own opinion about everything. They can intuitively sum up a situation very easily.

In their youth, Hazels are sensitive and reserved.

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Later in life they acquire seemngly magic powers that allow them to masterfully manipulate others. In Gaelic Scotland children were given the astringent sap of the tree as a medicine and as a protection against witch-craft. The French poet who used Breton sources, Marie de France late 12th century , wrote a lai about an ash tree. The pome fruit and tree of the apple is celebrated in numerous functions in Celtic mythology, legend, and folklore; it is an emblem of fruitfulness and sometimes a means to immortality.

Wands of druids were made from wood either of the yew or of the apple. An apple-tree grew from the grave of the tragic lover Ailinn. In the Irish tale Echtra Condla The Adventure of Conle , Conle the son of Conn is fed an apple by a fairy lover , which sustains him with food and drink for a month without diminishing; but it also makes him long for the woman and the beautiful country of women to which his lover is enticing him.

Afallennau Welsh, 'apple trees' is a 12th-century Welsh narrative poem dealing with Myrddin Wyllt. The Breton pseudosaint Konorin was reborn by means of an apple. Both the wood and the edible nuts of the hazel have played important roles in Irish and Welsh traditions. Hazel leaves and nuts are found in early British burial mounds and shaft-wells, especially at Ashill, Norfolk.

The place-name story for Fordruim, an early name for Tara, describes it as a pleasant hazel wood. In the ogham alphabet of early Ireland, the letter C was represented by hazel [OIr.

Horoscope of druids - Celtic tree horoscope

Initiate members of the Fianna had to defend themselves armed only with a hazel stick and a shield; yet in the Fenian legends the hazel without leaves was thought evil, dripping poisonous milk, and the home of vultures. Thought a fairy tree in both Ireland and Wales, wood from the hazel was sacred to poets and was thus a taboo fuel on any hearth.

Heralds carried hazel wands as badges of office. Witches' wands are often made of hazel, as are divining rods, used to find underground water. In Cornwall the hazel was used in the millpreve , the magical adder stones. In Wales a twig of hazel would be given to a rejected lover. Even more esteemed than the hazel's wood were its nuts, often described as the 'nuts of wisdom', e. Hazels of wisdom grew at the heads of the seven chief rivers of Ireland, and nine grew over both Connla's Well and the Well of Segais , the legendary common source of the Boyne and the Shannon.

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The nuts would fall into the water, causing bubbles of mystic inspiration to form, or were eaten by salmon. The number of spots on a salmon's back were thought to indicate the number of nuts it had consumed. The salmon of wisdom caught by Fionn mac Cumhaill had eaten hazel nuts. Very similar tales related by Taliesin are retained in the Brythonic tradition. Traces of hazelnuts have been found in a 'Celtic' style three-chained suspension bowl discovered in a post-Roman burial dated to CE in London. The name of the Irish hero Mac Cuill means 'son of the hazel'. Yeats thought the hazel was the common Irish form of the tree of life.

The alder , a shrub or tree of the birch family has special implications in Celtic tradition.


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The alder usually grows in wet ground, with small, pendulous catkins. The answer to an old Taliesin riddle 'Why is the alder purple? Bran's alder may be a symbol of resurrection. The name for the boy Gwern , son of Matholwch and Branwen , means 'alder'.

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The place-name Fernmag ang. Farney means 'plain of the alder'. In Ireland the alder was regarded with awe apparently because when cut the wood turns from white to red. At one time the felling of an alder was punishable, and it is still avoided.