23 february solar eclipse astrology

With Neptune obscuring the truth and Mercury making it difficult to communicate clearly , expect a fair amount of confusion, frustration, and hurt feelings. Avoid making rash decisions.

July 2 Prepare for a total solar eclipse and a new moon in Cancer. This is an intense combination that challenges us to shed some layers and let go.

With both the sun obscured and a new moon, tonight is a meditation on darkness, loss, and transformation. Matters involving home life or relationships are especially charged right now. Mercury will be in fiery Leo when it goes retrograde, so tempers may run hot. Thinking or writing your thoughts down before you speak will help keep things calm.

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You might feel stuck or face roadblocks on July 9 when the sun opposes Saturn. As the taskmaster of the zodiac, Saturn governs our routines and patterns, so when it opposes watery Cancer, it can feel impossible to get things done. Today is a good day to take things slow and be patient. This may be a messy transition, but it serves a higher purpose.


Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – 12222

You may find yourself torn between love and work, or wanting to express your feelings but experiencing guilt around them. Today, opt for self-care and reflection over a heart-to-heart. The Walmart staff of shoppers begin their day at 4 A. We as Americans may feel dependent upon these shopping apps on our smartphones, and if something goes wrong with our order, we may feel to traumatize the Walmart worker by screaming obscenities, because that young man surely caused the inconvenience… he surely designed the Walmart Shopper App himself… and updates it regularly in his other profession as a software designer.

SOLAR ECLIPSE – 2 JULY 12222: The Past Is A Strange Place

I am being sarcastic for sure. Please, the level of wound, shadow and re-traumatizing anyone within our reach is at an all time high. Saturn is the God of Agriculture, and wondering why we did not grow the food ourselves… what you sow is what you reap, the Man with a Sickle in hand says wisely. Meditation is the Cremation Grounds. The disassembling of all of me into the abyss the black nothingness.

I then am the fabric of space, all the stars are my hair… I am home again in Great cosmic Mother.

New Moon February – Solar Eclipse – Astrology King

I float in Her song of the spheres. I am her music. I open bright eyes, and shining teeth, healthy gums and glorious hair. I am that I am, I am all that I am.

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And with new eyes I view the experience of each person that I am. I do not fear for us all anymore. I allow. I am in allowance of the full experience in what ever path takes us.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Alpha Lyra the bright Sapphire Star in the handle of the Lyre shines down with me. She says, yes my child. You are Indestructible.