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As such, it describes the ways in which we project ourselves out into the environment as well as the kinds of experiences we need to have in order to make life meaningful. The combination of Sun, Moon and Ascendant describe what you want Sun , what you need Moon , and the style in which you will go about getting it Ascendant. Planetary Ruler: The Sun. Born with Leo on your Ascendant or Rising you are likely to find that a sense of authority and the opportunity for creative self-expression is necessary if your are to maintain your selfhood. Accordingly, you will have your own unique or special way of doing this.

Your talents need to be developed so that they can grow. The sign and house position of the Sun in your chart will give you many clues as to how this is best approached. Once integrated, this will also show the area of life where love, admiration, applause and effectiveness should be sought.

Leo Rising: Personality Traits of Leo Ascendant

In many ways, when Leo rises your task in life is to shine! You will either grow in greater confidence and warmth of expression as you share your generous spirit with others, or develop a tendency toward affectation and extravagance which belies an underlying insecurity. Much depends on the choices that you make. You are likely to need attention and approval from others, so you are better off to admit that from the outset.

The need to stand out in your own right is paramount. You have extraordinary reserves of creativity and love that need an outlet.

Leo Rising Woman

Following your heart and exploring your passions will help you bring these gifts to the fore. Once you feel you are getting the recognition you deserve then you can become a great source of fun, inspiration and leadership. Doing what you love brings your best qualities to the fore. For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon sign. Or you may be happy with simple surroundings, but will make the effort to ensure there is plenty of time for pleasure, romance or fun.

In some ways you are likely to have a larger-than-life attitude. You are all about grand gestures, big dreams and stunning vistas. Compliments — its weakness, so if a man is generous in recognition, she will not lose sight of it. She likes to be in the center of attention, to emphasize her uniqueness and reincarnate as a hunter, if "extraction" appears on the horizon. Quite demanding, but fair woman. It easily fits into any role that it performs classically. Experienced men immediately notice in her passion for life and for pleasure.

But if she is not ready for a relationship, she will skillfully hide her desires and feelings under the mask of composure. If the woman Ascendant is in Leo, then she looks like a wild cat that can sweep everything on its way to its goal. Her fiery character scares somebody, but someone lets you warm up her own passion. In her appearance there is much from a secular personification, arrogance and becoming. But in it there is also a lot of femininity and softness that she shows before the elect.

A sensual woman who does not hide her attachments. She likes men with impetuous and temperamental temperament who value their independence, but can throw everything for one of her kisses. The physical data of men attract it not so much as altruism and financial stability.

Often a woman with an ascendant in Leo draws attention to those who are her complete opposite. What is the passion for novelty or for adventure? Both of which attract more than ordinary and boredom. Considering your Descendant. Discovering your Midheaven and I. I used to work at a bookstore with a woman who was so well-organized and in control that everyone relied on her.

She knew what was on the shelves, what was on order, what was out of print, what was in the back room, and what was behind the counter. She was as intelligent, organized, and meticulous as any Virgo I knew. But rising signs can be deceptive. Sure, on the surface she was detail-oriented and in control, just like a Virgo. But her Sun was not in Virgo. It was in sensitive, charitable Pisces, the dreamiest, most impressionable sign in the zodiac. And indeed, that sign described her more fully. She had many devoted friends, a husband she adored, a city loft filled with original artwork, and a second home — a tiny cottage — on a windswept island in a distant sea.

Her life was suffused with romance, creativity, and water. But if she had experienced the poetry of Pisces, she also knew the pain of it. In one form or another, she had coped with everything from a relative in jail to alcoholism. She was a Pisces down to her toes. Nonetheless, she looked like a Virgo. The Ascendant describes the surface level of your personality.

It is who you appear to be — the surface you present to the world. In the past, many astrologers considered the Ascendant the most essential part of the birth chart — even more central than the Sun sign. Today, most astrologers rank the rising sign, the Sun sign, and the Moon sign as the three most important parts of a chart. The zodiac revolves around the Earth like a gigantic ring. At any given moment, one sign of the zodiac is rising over the eastern horizon and another sign is setting in the west; one sign is riding high above you and another sign is on the opposite side of the planet.

Each of these points represents one of the four main angles of your chart. The sign on the eastern horizon is your rising sign; the exact degree of that sign is your Ascendant. The degree at the top of your horoscope is the Midheaven, or M.

Your Ascendant is Leo - Stars Like You

Those four points determine the angles of your horoscope, as shown in Figure To do it yourself, should you be so inclined, you have to get your hands on the full collection of astrological gear, including an atlas, a Table of Houses, and an ephemeris an almanac listing the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets for every day of the year. Alternatively, you could go to the Internet, as described in Chapter 2.

I tell you how to do that in Chapter 3. Begin by copying the chart on the Cheat Sheet at the front of this book. Then write in the other signs in a counterclockwise direction.

If you were born around dawn, the Sun was on or near the horizon. Its symbol in your chart should also be near the Ascendant, perhaps in the same sign. If you were born around noon, the Sun sits near the top of your chart in the ninth or tenth house. If you were born around dusk, when the Sun was setting, the Sun in your chart is once again on the horizon, this time in the sixth or seventh house, near the Descendant.

And if you were a midnight delivery, the Sun lies below the horizon, in the third or fourth house. The Ascendant describes the surface of your personality. They convey a powerful, unspoken message to others — and even you may come to associate them with your deeper self. Reckless and extroverted, with an abundance of energy, you invigorate everyone around you.

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You take pride — for good reason — in your ability to get things moving. When you know what you want, you go after it boldly. But you can also be competitive and insensitive.

You have a tendency to take over. And when obstacles block your path, your patience which is never your high card may evaporate. You love to be there at the start of an enterprise when the excitement is building. Later on is another story. Regardless of your Sun sign, your ruler is Mars, the warrior planet.

Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

Its location by sign and by house as well as the aspects it makes to other planets describes your energy level and the nature of your desires. It brings you the security you need. Regardless of your Sun sign, your ruler is Venus, the planet of love and attraction. Its location by sign and by house as well as the aspects it makes with other planets describes the role of love, art, and beauty in your life.

Occasionally, an author presents the essential information. Geoffrey Chaucer, for example, clearly knew his astrology. Myn ascendent was Taur and Mars therinne — Allas, allas, the evere love was sinne!

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I folwed ay my inclinacioun By vertu of my constellacioun; That made my I coude nought withdrawe My chambre of Venus from a good felawe. So who are the real-life people with Taurus rising and Mars therein? Janet Jackson is one. Barbara LaMarr is another.

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LaMarr, an actress from the days of silent films, married six times before her death from drug abuse at age You pick up information in a flash and quickly adapt to changing circumstances even if you also like to complain about them. You have a curious mind and may have writing ability. No matter what your Sun sign is, your ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication. Its position by sign and by house, along with the aspects it makes to other planets, describes the way you speak, the way you learn, and the way your mind works. Cancer rising: Moody, sensitive, and imaginative, you live at a high emotional pitch.

When you feel besieged by the needs or criticism of others, you withdraw into the privacy of your shell. Home, food, family, and financial well-being are essential to your peace of mind. The ever-changing Moon is your ruling planet, no matter what your Sun sign may be. By house, by sign, and by aspect, it describes your emotions and instincts.