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You're wired to bond fully, intimately, and addictively with a mate. For that reason, you'd be wise to pick a partner who loves you enough to inject you into his veins. Ruler: Pluto, the master of mystical transformations and hidden powers. Your gifts: spot-on intuition, fierce loyalty, resourcefulness, creative genius. Your issues: suspicion, guardedness, addiction, obsessing. Your saving grace: your keen ability to read people's needs and pre-empt them.

Your path: to guide people through their fears, secrets, and taboos in order to cause a transformation. Your fashion inspiration: Gucci , Balenciaga. Love 'em: Taurus , Capricorn. Notsomuch: Aquarius , Aries. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'. Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist.

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She wouldn't believe it, so she changed the time to 15 minutes later," Alex told Mashable. As a Virgo, I've also been prey to some of this stigmatizing after I've revealed my sign.

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I've been advised that I'm "obsessively organized" even though I have a bag of garbage in my closet with my birth certificate in it and once found an old egg salad sandwich under my office desk. I didn't even know it was missing. Friends believe that I must be a "secret perfectionist" even though I use a bib when I eat soup and spent two years of my life as a low-wage children's birthday party entertainer. These are slightly shame-y and largely innocuous judgements.

As a personal astrologer, Renstrom has seen clients use astrology to make similarly generic and largely undeserved judgments about people. They may actively seek to date someone with an opposing sign on the grounds that opposites attract. In the astrological world, they often don't — fire signs, for example, are more likely to match with other fire signs than with water signs.

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Opposites don't necessarily attract in this universe. There's real prejudice about signs that aren't good with money, Renstrom adds. Meanwhile, Virgos have an advantage in the workplace because they're thought of as great managers. This kind of typifying behavior can have real-world consequences, though astrology isn't the only school of thought to suffer from this affliction.

Renstrom points to strict Freudian psychoanalysis which exploded in the '70s and which, like astrology, became so popular and casual it was easy to hide prejudicial patterns of thought:. In China, zodiac discrimination is a well-documented problem. A study found that 4. Constellation-based recruitment has its own entry in Baidu Baiku, otherwise known as Chinese Wikipedia.

Close to 30 percent of Americans now believe in astrology , a number that's been rising steadily. Who knows how long it'll take before zodiac discrimination becomes an institutionalized problem here? Not all forms of labelling or grouping are bad. You can still use the zodiac to make judgements about people, Renstrom argues, but they should be holistic, non-prescriptive observations — ones that take people's whole selves into account. In order to comprehend this, let us remember Joan of Arc, that great female knight who developed all her powers; Athena, also, the great warrior Goddess, has a spear.

The feminine and masculine forces are either in the man or in the woman when sexually united. The great Valkyries, also show this— if you ever saw the Ring of the Nibelungen, the great opera of Wagner, you see how the Valkyries, the great Amazons are described — they are the feminine aspect which uses the spear, which is precisely the masculine force of Samael. When you develop and start working with sexual magic , you enter into the kingdom of Samael. Samael is precisely the one who kills the dragon, the one who defeats the dragon inside of you.

We have to understand that the seven spirits before the throne of God that the book of Revelation talks about are above, there, in the superior dimensions. They are archangels, or Logoi — divine forces. But all of those spirit forces are in each one of us in potentiality. We have in us all of the seven forces of the seven spirits before the throne of God. For instance, Samael is the fifth, because he is related with the fifth center, the sexual center, and this is why he is in Scorpio.

He is the one that delivers the weapons in the sexual act to those who know how to fight. It is also stated that Samael is the God of the blind, because in the beginning when we start, we are blind, but little by little we receive the lost sight, because the sexual energy is what gives us the internal sight that we need in order to see all of these things, all of these mysteries.

The dragon is Lucifer — which is another name that we have to explain now, because it has many attributes, many symbols. Here we are talking about Lucifer which is the sexual strength, the sexual power that anybody has. But, in Klipoth, in the kingdom of Hades, in black magic, there is a demon whose name is Lucifer. This is similar to what we explained another time — that the Tetragrammaton, the sacred name of God, is Iod Hei Vav Hei, and with those four letters you also write the name of a demon whose name is Jahveh, which many demons in this physical world have intentionally mistaken or confused with Jehovah.

In many Bibles you find the word Jahveh instead of Jehovah, and that is very bad, that is precisely a very sneaky thing that the black magicians did in order to confuse humanity. But that is not the name of God. Yahweh or Yahveh or many other appellations is just a demon from Klipoth. As well as in the case of Javhe, Lucifer is an individual aspect of each one of us which represents the sexual potency. The fallen Lucifer is Satan in us, the Devil, which symbolize all of the defects that we have.

So there are as many fallen Lucifers or Satans in the world as human beings — everybody has one within. And this is precisely what we have to understand.

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In the same way that we speak here about being born again and transmuting the sexual energy in order to create the internal bodies, in the same way, in Yesod, which is the entrance to Hades, there are also black magicians who teach humanity the way to enter and become demons, this in order to enter faster into hell.

So, they also do it through the sex.

But they teach Black Tantra — because the wisdom of Yesod, the wisdom of Scorpio, is sexual tantra. White Tantra is what we already explained: the way in which husband and wife transmute their sexual energy and accomplish the Ten Commandments, follow the ten rules in order to be born again. Yet, Black Tantra is different — it is where you enjoy sex and degenerate and develop the Kundabuffer organ, which is the tail of Satan.

And then you become an inhabitant of the world of Hades, a slave of Hades, a slave of Pluto. So, you see: either you defeat Hades or Pluto, or you become a slave of Pluto Hades. The black magicians do not create the internal bodies — they just fall into Hell by practicing sexual magic in a negative way and develop powers in Klipoth.

And since this Malkuth, the physical world, is a falling Sephirah, they exercise a lot of power in Malkuth, because the physical body that we have is a fallen Sephirah, it is an outcome of fornication. We did not come from immaculate conceptions; all of us came into Malkuth through fornication. So, therefore, the secret enemy which practices sexual magic negatively has power in Malkuth and is called the Black Lodge.

They are the ones that are spreading pornography; they are the ones that are spreading a lot of degeneration in the sexual act — in order to bring all of the souls down, because they know that the only way to go out is by being chaste, by practicing chastity. This is why it is not rare that many people are angry against us, because we are teaching chastity — sexual transmutation, which is against the rules of Hell. Fornication , adultery, and sexual degeneration are something normal in Hell, but to teach this, that we are teaching here, in Hell, is something abnormal, because it belongs to the superior dimensions.

So, if you want to leave Hell, you have to be chaste — that is the only way in order to experience that which is written in many religions, the way to see the great masters, angels, etc. Did you ever hear about angels? If you belong to any religion you did; people always read about devas, angels, great beings — but they never experience them. But if I ask you, have you ever experience a nightmare?

Listen: nightmares are related to Klipoth; we experience nightmares because we have the elements that belong to Klipoth, Hades. So, in order to experience, or to have contact with an angel, with superior beings, we have to change, we have to transform ourselves, because nothing — nothing — is given to us for free. We have to fight for it, and the only element that we need in order to fight, in order to conquer that, is willpower.

So willpower is what we need in order to enter through the doors of Eden, through the doors of initiation. We have to reach the first, the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth initiations of Major Mysteries. When you finish the five initiations of the Major Mysteries, you have the right to be called Human Being, since with the fifth initiation you create the Causal Body; with the fourth, you create the Mental Solar Body, a body that gives you reasoning — but superior reasoning, not the reasoning that we use here; and with the creation of the Astral Body you have a body of superior emotions.

So, when you have those bodies inside of you — solar, immortal, not mechanical like everybody has — then you have the right to be called a Human Being. Behold the man — Ecce Homo.

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The symbol of the Causal Body, the superior body above the Mental Body, is the crown of thorns. That is why when Jesus reached that level and appears in front of the multitudes, he is already a human being. Pilate, which symbolizes the subjective reasoning, the intellectual animal mind, says: Ecce Homo — behold the superior mind, the superior man, the superior Manas — because Pilate is the inferior manas.

Jesus represents the true Man, who walks the path of the superior Man — the Superman. Thus for that, he takes his cross and goes again to Calvary, to the mount, to Golgotha — the way of Jesus is the way of the Superman. Nietzsche committed a mistake when he wrote his Zarathustra. He thought that all the population of the earth was made up of human beings. He was wrong because all the population of the earth is made up of intellectual animals. Those human beings are the ones that are prepared to enter into the kingdom of the Superman. And for those are precisely the great mysteries of Eleusis, in which they have to descend again into the kingdom of Pluto, but at a higher octave.

Supermen discover that all of Pluto is not only related with the Hell of the earth, but also with the Hells of all of the planets above. Thus, they have to enter into the Hell of Mercury, into the Hell of Venus, into the Hell of all of the other planets in order to gain access to the level of the Superman. That is what is called the resurrection in different levels — nine to be precise; this is called the Enneagram. The true Enneagram is for a Man that is already in the fifth initiation and wants to enter into the level of Superman.

They are the ones who have to enter into each Hell and conquer the Heaven of each planet — that is the true Enneagram, which is internal and profound. Pluto, as you know, is the only planet that has an orbit unlike the other planets — it is a very rare orbit that circles about all of the nine, because he is the ruler of all of the infradimensions, all of the Hells of all of the other planets.

Hades has to be defeated here first, in the Earth; yet if you want to follow the Direct Path, the path of the Bodhisattva, then you have to defeat him again nine times. Anyhow, whether you enter into Nirvana or into the path towards the Absolute, you have to defeat Pluto, Hades, and he is not outside but inside — he is the intelligence that is mechanical, automatic, in us. And we have to be cognizant of that — that is the path of the initiation.

Here we are just talking in general ways about the wisdom of Scorpio. Samael is the Thelema that we need when we enter into the Major Mysteries. A: The first step is to enter into the nine Minor Mysteries, in which you start awakening and knowing about your own nature; little by little you descend through the nine layers of the earth, until you reach the ninth one — that is the beginning.

After that you have to practice sexual magic. You can descend into Hades through the nine Minor Mysteries being a single, a bachelor, but only with chastity. You have to stop fornicating; that is why in ancient times, those monks and nuns that were prepared, that had already passed the nine Minor Mysteries, were entering into the mysteries of sexual magic. Unfortunately, many monks and nuns of the Middle Ages forgot about this, and were just keeping their celibacy, they were not practicing sexual transmutation as bachelors — because for that you need to know the mysteries of Pranayama , you have to manipulate, you have to handle the sexual energy, it is not just sexual abstinence.

If you are married, you have to learn how to transmute the sexual energy in the sexual act, and that gives you more energy in order to pass the nine Minor Mysteries very fast, while if you are a bachelor you can also pass it, but very slow. We will say that the bachelor goes on a donkey and the married one goes on a jet.

A: Arcanum means Truth, Law. The Latin letters A. A aqua - water , Z sulfur , F fire. Q: You said the initiate has to descend into the Hells of other planets. Does that mean that we have egos there, in the infernos of other worlds, and not just in our own? A: The ego with the protoplasmic bodies is related with the mechanical forces of the moon, which are related with Yesod.

The moon has two aspects — one visible and the other invisible. The visible is what you see every time we have a full moon; we see the moon there, but we do not see the other side.

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  • The same way, we have defects that we clearly see, i. But in the dark side of the moon, the other side, are precisely those elements that you cannot see, and that you do not even imagine that you have.

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    They are always behaving uprightly. But in the dark side of their psychological moon they have bank robbery elements that use killing weapons and steal money from the bank, however they are unaware of them, they do not know that they have them. A woman, for instance, can be very chaste and very faithful to her husband, but in the dark side of her moon she might have egos of prostitution that she ignores. To know this is very good for our judgment, because there are certain places where a lot of people are identified with witches and sorcerers and they misjudge anybody who enters into their school as a sorcerer or a witch.

    Well, listen: everybody is a witch, everybody is a sorcerer — it is enough for you to like this type of knowledge in order for you to have that type of ego. Because in ancient times you did not find the Gnostic doctrine — you were looking for something mysterious, and unfortunately you found the Black Lodge teaching you black magic. So the Master Samael Aun Weor told me directly, he said: it is very rare to find a Gnostic which does not have the ego of sorcery inside.

    So, therefore, to accuse somebody of being a witch or sorcerer is a very bad joke, in very bad taste, because everybody has a sorcerer, everybody has a witch ego. Those egos are within, you know? This is what we have to understand and comprehend. And while we point to others as being sorcerers or witches, we forget that we have that within. This is why we have to be compassionate and see the evilness in the righteous and the goodness in the evil one. A: Yes, just as Hitler was a Gnostic.

    Many initiates in the past committed many mistakes. It is like what were stating here: we are accusing others of being witches or being sorcerers; that is what Hitler was doing in the Second World War, accusing others of being Zionists.

    We know about the real Zionism, but not all of the Jews, not all the people of Israel are real Zionists. They may have organizations with that name, but Hitler thought that all of the Jews were real Zionists. He was fighting against Zionism, but he did not touch their heads, he just was against people who were just workers of Europe — women, children who did not know anything about Zionism. That is precisely why we fall into mistakes, you know? The Black Lodge exists, sorcery exists, but not openly — only the White Lodge, we the Gnostics, are open.

    Q: Could you explain a little bit more — you talked about Hitler, but how did he get onto the wrong path? A: Well, in the beginning he was with the White Lodge, and was working for the good of Germany. If you study the life of Hitler, you will see how in the beginning he was doing a lot of good for the Germans. But then, because he knew about this knowledge, somebody from Tibet — and this is very important, because we know that the Dalai Lama is a great master, but not all people from Tibet are white; there is a Black Lodge in Tibet, a clan that practices black magic — so that clan sent a messenger to Hitler.

    Hitler knew about the sacred order of Tibet, yet, that black magician, who was an imposter, passed as a White Adept and started teaching Hitler black magic, and advising him in the wrong way. So, this is how Hitler started deviating from the White Path. And in the end, he was working for the Black Lodge, not for the White. Anyone can pass through that experience too — so if we start judging everybody for being black, well, everybody is black in this world. But we are not going to pretend that we are angels — angels are above, and we are here below.

    This is precisely the right thing to understand: we are here below, and here below we are all cut with the same scissors. We have to fight against our inner blackness: the ego , and regarding whatever we conquer inside we have to keep silence, not to talk about it, because that is secret, that is sacred, it belongs to God and not to us.

    A: Zionism is a group of black magicians that were working against Moses in the time of Moses, and they betrayed Moses. And they keep planning that in order to conquer, through their way, humanity, the world. The real Zionists are doing their work in secrecy, and they are not so stupid as to go into public, but they know how manipulate the public. Q: But is it like, one is dealing with lust , and the next is dealing with pride, or…? A: Well, there are many egos related with each sphere.

    Of course, in each sphere some psychological aspect of us results. But which one is it? Well, only you can answer that by descending into the Minor Mysteries, because each one of us is different.

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    So, in the nine Minor Mysteries, you descend and you know little by little all of your psychological aspects related with Pluto, related with Hades. But remember that there are forces there that can cheat you easily, because they are inside of you. Great initiates were deviated by those forces in the past. Hitler was deviated. Napoleon in the beginning was working very well too, yet Napoleon at the end was declaring himself emperor, betraying the White Lodge. So there are many great writers, philosophers, who really were working in the right way but the dark forces of Pluto were manipulating them in the end.

    That is why in order to enter into this path you have to know a lot of good and evil — the good within the evil and the evil within the good, in order to know how to walk, and not to get cheated and to commit stupidities like Hitler. He was walking at first in the good, but suddenly he gained a lot of karma for all that he did in the Second World War. Now in the future he has to answer about that, because that soul is still there, but is in jail. It is not pretty. There are many other perpetrators of that war.

    So we really are in the time of the end, and the White Lodge is doing super-efforts in order to pull the souls out of the kingdom of Hades — because a lot of people are identified with Hades; they love Hades, they love Hell, they sing to Hell, and you know that. So, it is up to you — use your willpower. Do not worry about the Hades of the neighbor, this is what the Master Jesus said:. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. Do this precisely: if you work on your beam, you are good, but if you start to worry about the mote that is in thy brother's eye, i.

    Leave them alone, let them do whatever they want; the work is inside of yourself, it is the self-realization of yourself, not of the other people. Our ego tends to do that, to judge, unfortunately. We need to know about the dangers, and this is why the Master Samael Aun Weor wrote about many dangers. There on the website you will find The Initiatic Preparations that we placed there in order for you to know what the Master wrote, in order to warn us about the dangers, to warn anyone that wants to follow the path.