10 december lunar eclipse astrology

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A lunar eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon. It serves as a reminder that we need to realize how we are held in the dark by virtue of our perspective. The ability to see the big picture is distorted by skewed knolwledge. Partial or biased data contaminates clear thinking.

Concern for the letter of the law shadows intelligent discussion. The challenge is to disseminate accurate information. Listen closely for the truth. Each of these luminaries are resting on opposite ends of the Celestial sky looking to harmonize with one another the energy rather than pull apart in opposition during a full moon phase.

Transit Planets

Any tendency, habit or issue that is hidden or buried in the darkness that is ready to be addressed will become illuminated during this time. What a wonderful way to tidy up loose ends for You can still choose to respond in a mature way regardless of what happens or gets triggered. Be well. Healing the emotional residue or stuck issues is essential to get to into the clear feeling space. Like rocks being tumbled in a river, we may feel a bit jostled and tossed about too. Yet we may just feel polished and shiny when all is said and done.

With eclipses and the strong energies happening, there is potential for Earth shifts, unusual weather patterns or major issues erupt on a global scale.

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse ! Pluto Saturn Karmic Closures July 14-20 2019 Astrology Horoscope

Remember, it is a time of allowing old things to come to an end than struggling to keep them alive for no reason. Go into Holiday Shopping or social Holiday parties prepared! Do your best not to. First, Feel whatever emotions arise. Then allow the insight and understanding to help you logically think about or observe things. There is possibility of mix-ups, mix signals, confused communication, emotions and actions.

Energy may feel scattered or depleted now. There may be jabbing remarks, sharp verbal attacks which trigger emotional reactions happening.


Eclipses and their Seasons

It is wise to conserve and comfort yourself where you need to. Overall the energies may feel very jittery and high-strung. Breathe and deep breathe. Let go of the struggle and allow the flow of energy to happen. A shift of perception, thinking and feeling is very possible as you work with the potential of this energy.

There is some energy of impatience, we all want our wishes to come true sooner, tomorrow morning if possible, yet of course it is not possible. This energy can bring with it high materialism, it can also bring understanding on how to break out of the chains of wishing for more stuff into a free wise attitude towards personal and global resources. This should be good for communications, relationships, getting clear about short term and long term ideals, and finding the protection we need to be calm and lucid as we navigate the fogs and mists of our times.

This can be a good time to start from the bottom with something and see it rise over time. This eclipse is sextile positive aspect, 2 signs away transit moving Uranus in Taurus.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Dates: 2020 – 2030

This can help us to be more independent and push for what we want, to make changes that can have a positive impact, and to think outside of the box a little bit. Cancer normally doesn't want to go outside of the box at all, but Uranus can help make us feel a little more comfortable with it. This solar eclipse occurs at 10 degrees 37 minutes Cancer. The aspects this eclipse can make are: Conjunction: 5 degrees 37 minutes - 15 degrees 37 minutes Cancer Semisextile: 8 degrees 37 minutes - 12 degrees 37 minutes Gemini or Leo Sextile: 5 degrees 37 minutes - 15 degrees 37 minutes Taurus or Virgo Square: 5 degrees 37 minutes - 15 degrees 37 minutes Aries or Libra Trine: 5 degrees 37 minutes - 15 degrees 37 minutes Scorpio or Pisces Quincunx: 8 degrees 37 minutes - 12 degrees 37 minutes Sagittarius or Aquarius Opposition: 5 degrees 37 minutes - 15 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn Then we have a lunar eclipse on July 16th PM ET in Capricorn, and this can be some super reaping of what we've sown.

Capricorn rules goals and ambitions, and we can see the results of things we've done with lunar eclipses in big ways. We can make major progress or achieve something, or we can experience failure and loss. It mostly depends on how we've been handling things.

Natal Planets

Some may fall from a high place and a long fall it may be , while some can thrive. We can have extra responsibilities, more on our plates, and we have to take things seriously. We need to stay on focus, stick to plan, and not become reckless, impatient, or irresponsible. This lunar eclipse is conjunct aligned with transit Pluto in Capricorn, so we can be much more intense and passionate.

What we're interested in, we can throw ourselves into, and it's a great time for a transformation of something for the better. If we're holding back or feeling frustrated, we can lash our irrationally and full of rage, so try to have a healthy outlet for emotions instead of bottling things up. This lunar eclipse occurs at 24 degrees 4 minutes Capricorn. The aspects this lunar eclipse makes are: Conjunction: 19 degrees 4 minutes - 29 degrees 4 minutes Capricorn Semisextile: 22 degrees 4 minutes - 26 degrees 4 minutes Sagittarius or Aquarius Sextile: 19 degrees 4 minutes - 29 degrees 4 minutes Scorpio or Pisces Square: 19 degrees 4 minutes - 29 degrees 4 minutes Aries or Libra Trine: 19 degrees 4 minutes - 29 degrees 4 minutes Taurus or Virgo Quincunx: 22 degrees 4 minutes - 26 degrees 4 minutes Gemini or Leo Opposition: 19 degrees 4 minutes - 29 degrees 4 minutes Cancer And we'll have a second new moon in July!

To end the month on the 31st PM ET , this new moon occurs in Leo and tries to bring some positive energy into this serious mess and the eclipses might be a little messy with Mercury also retrograde in July! Leo wants to focus on the good, the happy, and not get stuck in the serious and boring.

Big yawn! Though if there's plenty of drama, that can surely make Leo happy!